Our Approach

The foundation of our business is and always will be built on these three pillars: Sincerity, Productivity and Quality. We strive to operate our business while always being sincere, honest and open with our clients. Providing high touch, personalized wedding planning - unique to each couple.

You're a real person and I am a real person - we can enjoy the experience together. Trusting your planner and knowing they've got your back is critical, there are no smoke and mirrors here. The second pillar is the efficiency in which we do our work; we've mastered a process to seamlessly get the job done and do it in a way to ease your mind and lower your stress levels. We know you're busy and have you own jobs to worry about so let us take care of you! Last we believe in quality over quantity which is why we only accept a limited number of events each year. We want to take care of you with the highest level of service (and fun) possible. If we sound as awesome to you (and we're pretty sure you do to us) reach out text, email, call whatever you prefer. We look forward to hearing from you soon, getting to know you and starting this journey together!

Suzanne and Daniel Wedding